India’s First Credit Card designed for Startups

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Founders Card for Startups

Two problems that founders of Startups face are temporary cash shortage and use of personal credit cards for business expenses. If these problems sound familiar, the Founders card is carefully designed to address these

Free up working capital

Use founders card to pay all your business expenses like utility payments, travel spends, software subscriptions and improve your cash flow

SaaS and cloud subscriptions

Never miss a payment deadline for your subscriptions. Link your founders card to your software subscriptions and digital marketing expenditure

Benefits and rewards that matter

Benefits and rewards are carefully curated for startup founders so that you save when you own founders card and when you use founders card

Petty cash management

Load your prepaid wallet of founders card and use it for petty cash needs of the company, with cash withdrawal enabled petty cash management has never been this easy

Foreign Travel needs

You can load the forex wallet of your founders card on the go and use it for all your international travel needs

Full control over expenditure

Get real-time visibility of all business expenses. Analyze and optimize them