India’s First Credit Card designed for SMEs

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Founders Card for SMEs

Main problems that founders of SMEs face today are optimizing the cashflow and reconciliation challenges because of the use of personal credit cards for business expenses. Founders card is carefully designed to address these

Optimize your cash flows

Use founders card to pay all your business expenses like utility payments, travel spends, supplier/vendor payments and improve cash flow

Supplier and Vendor payments

Get early payment discounts by paying your vendors and suppliers using founders card. Use the credit line to increase your days payable and optimize working capital

Benefits and rewards that matter

Benefits and rewards are carefully curated for SME founders so that you save when you own founders card and when you use founders card

supplier payments and petty cash management

Load prepaid wallet on your founders card and withdraw cash from it to use for small supplier payments and petty cash needs

Foreign Travel needs

You can load the forex wallet on the go on your founds card and use it for all your international travel needs. You are shielded from currency fluctuations and foreign currency markups that you pay on your credit card

Easy reconciliation

Finance and Accounts team gets an automated report of all the business expenses on the card. No more errors in manual accounting as transactions can be integrated with accounting software